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Colorado Community Health Alliance now offers members unlimited access at no additional cost to an evidence-based online peer support community named Wisdo. This online community includes over 50 groups created to provide support to members struggling with mental health, chronic conditions, life stressors, and social determinants of health. This support community is accessible to members via their smartphones or personal computers. No special software is required.

By joining Wisdo, members will:

  • Receive emotional support and companionship from helpful peers who know what they’re going through because they have been in similar situations.
  • Feel better, healthier, and happier
  • Join group coaching sessions and fun activities and make friends for life.
The key to encouraging people to join Wisdo is to connect it to a current challenge or struggle they’re facing. This could be a new diagnosis such as mental illness or cancer, a chronic condition they’re struggling to manage, substance use, or a life stressor such as caring for a loved one, work, and family. With 50+ communities on Wisdo covering these topics, members will easily find multiple peers who have been in their shoes.

To assist, we have created a number of resources and best practices included in this page. 
Please contact us with any questions.

Joe Travers, Director of Client Success

How Do Members Join Wisdo?

Wisdo is accessible to members 18+ via tablets, smartphones or personal computers.

In order to track recruitment and engagement of Wisdo through CCHA it is important for members to utilize on of the following customized access points: 

                    1. Clicking on “Get Started” button at –
                    2. Scanning a QR Code (included in the flyers below)
                    3. Texting “JOIN6” to 215-259-3898

Wisdo provides unlimited Technical Support for your members at or 1-256-462-8056

Recruitment Channels

Five key channels can be utilized to promote Wisdo to your members:

Recruitment and Activation Materials

Wisdo Talking Points for Case Managers and Providers This brief document includes a description of Wisdo, suggested language to use when describing it to a member, and answers to FAQs members may ask.

Email for internal communication – Suggested email to share internally with different stakeholders about Wisdo and how they can support dissemination to members.

Email to members – Suggested language for an email that can be sent to members about Wisdo and how to access it.

Printable Flyers – a flyer that can be printed in color and placed in clinics and other locations.

Social Media and Online Presence – Posting information about Wisdo on your own website and social media pages can be a highly effective part of the recruitment strategy.  Provided below are language for two proposed posts followed by proposed images to accompany the text provided in both English and Spanish. 


Suggested Script for SMS Campaign –

Option 1: Colorado Community Health Alliance: Unlock unlimited access to the Wisdo community, your new source for online community support. Get FREE access and feel cared for 24/7 (142 characters)

Option 2: Colorado Community Health Alliance: you now have FREE access to the Wisdo community! Join the free app today for instant, constant support. (125 characters)

Option 3: Colorado Community Health Alliance: you now have FREE access to Wisdo! Feel cared about 24/7 with your online support community.  Join now! (120 characters)

Option 4: Colorado Community Health Alliance: Enjoy FREE Wisdo access! Feel cared about 24/7 online community support now! (93 characters)

Sample Creative Elements

Social Media Post:       


English Spanish

Now Live Website Banner:       


English Spanish    


English Spanish

About Wisdo

A brief and informative PowerPoint presentation about Wisdo (link)

Evidence-Based: Wisdo has been successfully used in Colorado by over 10,000 members to date. A peer-reviewed manuscript published in JMIR Formative Research summarizing the results in Colorado (link).

User Experience on Wisdo: Below are two brief videos explaining the user experience on Wisdo.

Part 1: Registration, Wellness Profile and Onboard Completion (link).

Part 2: Navigating Peer Connections, Profiles, Individual Communication, Group Discussions, Live Group Coaching, Guides (link).