Reducing Loneliness Among Medicare Advantage Members Using a Peer Support Community

Following Wisdo Health’s year-long pilot with Humana, claims data analysis has finally been completed and our results are official. Wisdo Health’s platform is effective in reducing loneliness, increasing health outcomes and significantly reducing medical costs among Medicare Advantage populations aged 65 and over. It does so by tapping into the power of a helpful community to provide safe, quality-measured and on-demand social support. 

Some highlights from the white paper include: 

  • The alarming impact of loneliness and social isolation on medical costs
  • Loneliness reduction results including 13% no longer considered lonely at day 90
  • Quality of life increase, including 6.5 healthy days at day 30
  • Satisfaction: 74 NPS score for Humana, 42% month 12 retention rate on Wisdo Health, 92% would recommend Wisdo Health.

Click to Download the Wisdo / Humana White Paper



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