Peer Assistance Services Expands Wisdo Health’s Colorado Roll-Out

Following a successful six-month deployment in Colorado, where over 4,000 adult Coloradans accessed Wisdo Health’s evidence-based peer support and social health platform, Peer Assistance Services (PAS) will extend the access to Wisdo for an additional 12 months as part of a multi-year contract.

In disseminating access to its peer support platform, Wisdo is working closely with Medicaid health plans in Colorado, non-profits, and employer groups.

Data collected from the 4,000 participants, reiterate the strong outcomes from a 2021 pilot. Results include:

  • 88% would recommend Wisdo to others.
  • Statistically significant reduction of 9.1% in the levels of social isolation and loneliness (UCLA-3)  reported by users (p<0.05)
  • Statistically significant reduction of 21.3% in the levels of depression (PHQ) reported by users (p<0.05)
  • Statistically significant reduction of 17% in the levels of anxiety (GAD) reported by users (p<0.05)
  • Reduction of 12% in alcohol use disorders (AUDIT-C) 
  • Significant impact on the quality of life with a reduction of 18.2% (4.57 days) in the number of monthly unhealthy mental and physical days reported by users on day 90 when compared to baseline. The reduction in unhealthy days implies a potential medical cost reduction of $848.4 per participant per year.

The average age of registered users was 39, with 53% female and 43% male. Overall, 64% of participants identified as White, 20% as Hispanic, 10% as Black, 5% as Asian, 4% as American Indian, and 1% as Pacific Islanders.


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