Wisdo Data from 40,000 Americans Reveals an 89% Increase in Medication Intake for Mental Health Disorders and a 46% Increase in Sleep Problems Since October 2020

NEW YORK (PRWEB) November 18, 2021 — Wisdo, the award-winning, AI-powered peer support and intervention platform addressing the negative impact of social isolation on mental and physical health, published a report today showing staggering changes in adult mental health, sleep, medication intake, and motivation to help others as effects of the Covid-19 pandemic drag on.

The analysis compares baseline data collected from 40,000 adults, ages 17-80, when they joined the platform during the two peaks of the Covid-19 pandemic (June – October 2020 vs. June – October 2021).

The analysis reveals that during June-October of 2021, people experienced significantly more adversity than during the same period, a year prior.

Findings include:
● 60% report developing sleep problems, a 46% increase from the prior period.
● 34% report taking medication to address mental health, an 89% increase from the prior period.
● 43% report noticing depressive symptoms, a 30% increase from the prior period.
● 30% report that depression was impacting their career, a 7% increase from the prior period.

Furthermore, the analysis reveals significant changes in the types of goals users who joined the platform selected between June-October 2021 when compared to those who joined in the same period, a year before.

These findings include:
● 61% increase in setting a goal of Making new Friends
● 11% increase in setting a goal of Learning to Live with Anxiety ● 22% decline in setting a goal of Finding Online Support.
● 27% decline in setting a goal of Exercising Regularly

The culmination of the analysis shows a 75% increase in the number of members who joined Wisdo during the second COVID peak that expressed a strengthened desire to help others by providing emotional support during this difficult time.

Wisdo’s Social Health and intervention platform is a pioneer in the way it leverages peer support to increase quality connections amongst its members, enhance social skills, and strengthen a sense of purpose and emotional resilience. On Wisdo, peer support is evidence-based and driven by helpfulness and overlap of life experiences, with referrals to clinicians when relevant. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, Wisdo has seen an additional 20% of its members step up to earn a “Helper” badge, which, after vetting and training, proactively connects them with members in need of emotional support and companionship.

“Even before the outbreak of Covid-19,” said Wisdo CEO Boaz Gaon, “Social Isolation and Loneliness were proven to take a significant toll on the mental and physical health of 118 million Americans. What we are seeing in the aftermath of the second Covid outbreak is a concerning acceleration of this crisis which many of our partners including employers, health insurance providers, and gov’t agencies are increasingly addressing through new approaches such as peer support, telehealth, and AI.”

To view the full report visit: https://wisdo.com/reports/q42021insights

About Wisdo
Wisdo is an award-winning and AI-powered peer support and intervention platform addressing the negative impact of social isolation on mental and physical health. With over 1 million users, Wisdo is the largest social health platform proven to reduce social isolation rates by 23%, increase the number of mental and physical health experienced by its members by 39%, and substantially reduce overall medical costs.

Wisdo offers a B2C subscription app and a B2B2C channel by working directly with health insurance providers and employers interested in reducing medical costs, improving mental health, employee productivity, and boosting overall engagement. To learn more, visit:https://www.wisdo.com



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