Wisdo Health Selected for UCB Pharma Incubator Program

Following a rigorous vetting process, Wisdo Health has been chosen to join the UCB Digital Health Incubator Program.

UCB is a global biopharma company, inspired by the needs of people living with severe diseases

UCB has announced that Wisdo Health is “making significant strides in digital health technology, and we are excited to support their journey towards positive impact.”

The UCB and Wisdo collaboration marks the first partnership for Wisdo with a major health organization in the UK.

During their incubation period with UCB, we aim to explore how Wisdo Health’s solutions can enhance mental health measures, improve quality of life and combat loneliness within specific patient populations.

Throughout the Incubator Program, UCB and Wisdo Health will work closely to examine how the Wisdo platform can address the negative consequences of loneliness and social isolation on the health outcomes of patients living with severe dermatology conditions.

Wisdo couldn’t be more excited about branching into the UK with a partner with the caliber of UCB, and look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will enable patients with severe and chronic diseases to enjoy better, healthier lives.



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